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Shipping and Returns

Our Returns Policy

In the rare event that you should receive an incorrect or damaged item that you ordered, please phone us straight away or advise us by email as soon as possible as you receive the goods. We will request for you to send us a photo proof of the damage or fault to help us to better know what went wrong. We will take full ownership if it is our fault and advise you on how to return the damaged goods and how to go about getting a replacement for the affected item(s). If it’s deemed to be an error on our behalf, we will also pay for the return costs for shipping.

We shall not offer refunds on personalised items that you have approved through our proofing process. If for some reason a full refund is warranted, we should be able to pay you the refund within 15 days of the package arriving back to our office in 100% good and new condition. The usual time allocated for goods return is five to ten business days, and time allocated for any bank transfers should be three to five business days.

Our Shipping Policy

Our freight forwarding agent can ship goods to any address within Australia and Papua New Guinea. However, for international destinations, there could be restrictions by authorities on some of the products and it may not be advisable to ship some products to international destinations due to customs laws in place there.

Upon placing an order with us, we will make an estimate for shipping charges as well as delivery dates depending on the availability of items ordered together with the shipping option you prefer. 

If you decide to coordinate shipping yourself, then this can be is arranged by you and paid for by you in advance. Under these circumstances, we cannot take any no responsibility for damages incurred during transit and no insurance on the goods will apply.